6-Step Plan for Better Benefits

Step 1. Benefit Analysis of Current Plan

Would you go to a retailer and simply buy whatever TV the salesperson first showed you? Of course not. Why should it be any different with Voluntary Benefits?

We take the guesswork out of what products are the best fit for each client by analyzing the existing plans. We then design plans that contain the best carrier offerings that are the right fit for each unique client and at the best price.A one-size-fits-all benefits plan? Not with TriStar Benefit Solutions. We take the complexity and uncertainty out of the equation by designing plans that contain the best carrier offerings that are the right fit for each unique client.

How does the result meet everyone’s needs? We assess the current benefits plan, the client’s objectives, census data, and other factors. Then we match the client to the right carriers based on reputation, strengths, pricing and flexibility.

TriStar Benefit Solutions constantly evaluates carriers’ capabilities and offerings to keep you ahead of the benefits curve. We will continue to develop partnerships with the leaders and trendsetters in our industry so that we can fine-tune our expertise and solutions that build our reputation as innovators.

Step 2. Proposal with Recommendations

After we evaluate the clients current benefits plan, we present a proposal outlining which products and carriers should be used and why. We take the guesswork out of knowing that you have the best products for your business at the best price.

Step 3. Communication

An employee’s perceived value of a benefits plan can be enhanced or diminished by the communications strategy implemented by the employer. Industry surveys show that employees are three times more satisfied with their benefits when they understand them.
TriStar Benefit Solutions will develop the right communications strategy based on the existing core and proposed Voluntary Benefits plan so that employees are motivated, informed and prepared to make smart choices about participation.

Step 4. Enrollment

TriStar Benefit Solutions uses a variety of enrollment platforms including call centers, web-based applications, and face-to-face employee processes. We develop the enrollment strategy in concert with the client, in order to meet the needs of its workforce and match demographics.

During enrollment, we bring all the necessary resources together to maximize the plan’s success. We manage the entire process carefully and thoroughly, regardless of platforms utilized.

Step 5. Consolidated and Reconciled Billing

At TriStar Benefit Solutions, we remove the biggest, single source of aggravation, frustration, and administrative burden in our industry – Billing. How do we make this headache go away? We use a proprietary system to take multiple carriers with varying billing formats. As our client, you receive a single invoice that is easy to read and understand. You sign and send in only one check. We handle the rest.

Reconciliation nightmares go away for good when you work with TriStar Benefit Solutions. To ensure 100 percent accuracy, we perform line item reviews of carrier invoices and compare them to the activity of each client account before finalizing and sending client invoices. Now that’s definitely Creative.

Step 6. Claims and Administration Services

As important as it is to provide the correct benefits for your employees, so is the service after the sale. When a client’s employee calls our Client Service Support Center representatives, he or she will be speaking with a trained and qualified professional who has the tools to handle any issue needing resolution.

Our Client Service Representatives take responsibility and ownership of any issue and follow through to a satisfactory conclusion. Handling policy information, claims or general questions is imperative to make sure the client’s employees are always informed and satisfied.